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Mission / Vision
The mission of Mary D. Coghill Charter School is to educate, empower, and motivate children within Orleans Parish to be future leaders by infusing the latest technological resources while creating an educational environment that fosters academic excellence, encourages social competence, and challenges young minds to exceed the highest levels of educational expectations in every academic field.
Our vision for Mary D. Coghill Charter School is to unite with parents and the community to create and maintain a safe quality learning environment. We will continue to build  a culture that will partner parents, children, and teachers by providing various activities. These activities will address the development of parental knowledge about the school’s curriculum and the level of expectations the school community requires for student performance.

Mary D. Coghill Charter School is focused on preparing our students for high school, college, and beyond. Our unwavering faith in our students’ potential, as well as our commitment to developing effective and inspiring educators builds the fundamental basis for our instructional model. The MDCCS curriculum and instruction program includes educational elements that will continue to grow and dramatically raise student achievement, create a culture of respect and joy, and maximize the efforts of school-based leadership. These elements are based on best practices in urban, high-performing public schools whose students are achieving at the highest levels.